Parent Testimonials

"The Tonka Fusion Elite Program has taken our daughter’s soccer development to the next level and provided opportunity for her to play against very high level regional and national competition.  We appreciate that they are invested in her whole person development, and that the commitment has not overextended our family.  We are thankful to have access to this high level, comprehensive and balanced program right here in our community." - TFE '05 Parent

"The TFE program provides my daughter the opportunity to compete against a high level of competition without the high cost and rigorous schedule of other competing clubs. Her team had a great first year with earning premier status with MRL as well as MYSA. We look forward to what next year brings!" - TFE '04 Parent

"We have been very happy with the experience of TFE. Having the opportunity to play and experience high level soccer has really helped Jake develop not only his skills but his physical and mental approach to the game. He’s having a lot of fun, and winning the State Cup is something he will never forget. For any family that desires to play competitive soccer, with solid coaches and great kids, I’d recommend TFE." - TFE '05 Parent

"But in the chaos of it all, I'm also trying to find a moment to take a step back and say I can't believe we have arrived here. No doubt the players have earned it, but what an incredible accomplishment to make it to regionals! And truly there is no other group of parents and players I would rather be sharing this with. Despite being an essentially brand new team this year, it feels like we have been playing together forever. I can't imagine not having the Tonka families as a part of this team. You have all brought more fun (and more height) that has made this team so much stronger. I also love that it shows the girls you are never too old to make new friends." - TFE '05 Parent

"Being part of the TFE program this past year has been an exciting and rewarding experience for me personally and professionally. Player Development is very important to me and I feel it is really getting the attention and commitment that it deserves through the TFE program.

There is a plan and clear direction on what to do with the clubs' younger players and making them better by putting them in a positive and fun soccer environment is the priority. The coaching is first rate and is made up of an experienced group of dedicated individuals who are an a mission to help build a strong program to improve young players.

Although winning is great, at the younger ages it is not vital. What is important, is that young players learn basic tactical principles, develop their character and build a solid technical foundation. TFE players get this type of soccer education and to me it is no surprise that winning became a part of the teams' make up as well. If a player wants to play varsity soccer, make an ODP team and go on to play college soccer, I firmly believe TFE is an excellent pathway to achieving these goals." - Former NCAA Division I Coach & U.S. Soccer Scout