Athletic Performance Training


Full Strength MN leads our Performance Training program. Through this partnership, Full Strength MN and Tonka Fusion Elite have worked to create an annual periodization training program that aligns with our soccer calendar and takes into account when we want our athletes to reach peak performance. Full Strength MN has observed at the collegiate and high school level that strength, in almost every incoming freshman and entering high school, has been very low.


Soccer players have a series of what physiologists call "trainable qualities" that the athletes utilize on the field. These qualities all depend on one another, so if one quality is lacking, then the rest also suffer. The most important qualities to train are the oxidative system and strength. These two qualities have the most drastic effect on the development of the other qualities. The "qualities" used by soccer athletes include:

  • ATP/CP System: How your body uses energy in short durations
  • Speed: The ability to move at a high velocity over a short period of time
  • Strength: Overall force production
  • Repeat Power: Force production over an extended period of time
  • Glycolitic System: How your body uses energy in longer durations
  • Oxidative System: How your body uses energy in very long conditions and recovery

Strength drives three of the six systems; this means better speed, repeat power, explosive ATP system and strength when you are Strength training. Strength training also leads to less injury, which tends to be more predominant in athletes who cut, often by overusing using hips and ankles.


Based out of Minnetonka, Full Strength MN focuses on functional, sport-specific exercises with an emphasis on efficiency and technique. By working with one of the area's best strength coaches, athletes will achieve optimal strength and fitness goals to elevate them in reaching their full potential. Athletes and parents also enjoy the testing that accompanies the training as it clearly lays out the progress that is being made, helping each soccer player go the extra mile to ensure that they are always getting stronger, faster and more athletic.


Jayme Pantekoek - Lead Trainer & Owner, Full Strength MN

About Jayme:

  • 13+ years of professional experience coaching professionals down to the youth level
  • Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology & Cardiac Physiology
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
  • Reflexive Performance Reset Specialist
  • National Academy of Speed and Explosion Certifications
  • NAFC Nutrition Certification
  • CrossFit Certified

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