Introducing GA

Introducing GA

Girls Academy

More information on the Girls Academy League (GA) can be found on their website:

All information beyond the below FAQs will be communicated in early June 2022.  Our staff and coaches have been provided with information.

Girls Academy FAQs

What is the Girls Academy League?

The Girls Academy is the leading youth development platform for the best female soccer players in the United States. In the 2021/22 season, there are 80 member clubs with teams in the U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, and U19 age groups. The member clubs are split into eight conferences that make up the league’s national footprint

What clubs are in the Mid-America Conference?

The finalized conference membership for the 2022-2023 season has not been announced yet. The Mid-America conference is one of the strongest conferences in the country, including 7 clubs that are nationally ranked. Clubs in the conference will include Chicago FC United (IL), SC Wave (WI), Sockers FC (IL), Vision Rush (IA), Salvo SC (MN), Nationals (MI), MI Jaguars (MI), Cincinnati United (OH), Indy Premier (IN), Lexington SC (KY).

What age groups are included in the GA?

One team for each of the following age groups. U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, and U19.

When will the season begin?

U13 and U14 teams will begin competitive play in Fall 2022. U15 and older teams will begin after the Minnesota State High School League season completes in October 2022.

How many conference games will be played?

The GA is currently working to finalize its conference structure and format for the 2022-2023 season. We expect our teams to play between 18-20 conference games in a home/away format. Games are typically played Saturday and Sunday, with one game per day additional wild card clubs.

The U-15, U-16, U-17 age groups will have a 32-team bracket, with the top three clubs in each conference earning an automatic qualifier joining 11 wild card clubs. The U-15s, U-16s, and U-17s will also concurrently hold a National Showcase tournament for every team that failed to qualify for the National Playoffs.

How will college recruiting exposure change in the GA?

In the GA’s first two years, it has proven its ability to consistently attract impressive lists of college coaches/scouts from a wide geographical range at all levels of play. You can view the colleges that have attended the most recent GA showcase events below.

Will girls who make the GA team be allowed to play soccer for their high school team?

Yes, all players will be allowed to play for their high school teams. As a club, we recognize and value the social impact of representing your school on the soccer field.

How often will GA teams train?

Players should expect to have 4-5 contacts per week on average with their teams which includes training, games and athletic performance training.

How many travel weekends are expected?

While the number of travel weekends within the Mid-America conference has been a concern for us in the past, the GA is actively working to improve the frequency and cadence of travel for the 2022-2023 season. We are expecting the number of travel weekends and overall miles traveled to significantly decline. We will be able to provide an accurate estimate of travel in June.

What is the commitment level required to play on a GA team?

Given the performance level required to compete at this level, we will be requiring an even higher commitment level from players and coaches. Players will need to be able to attend training regularly and be available to attend all games/events.

How much will it cost to play on a GA team?

We have begun working through the season planning and budgeting process for next year. We will provide clear and transparent costs by early June.

When will tryouts be held?

GA teams are permitted to hold tryouts earlier than those teams/clubs that are participating in the local league associations. We are expecting to hold tryouts between July 11-15. Once finalized, we will share the tryout schedule immediately.

What if my child does not make the GA team or is not interested in trying out?

We understand that the GA will require a significant increase in commitment from players/families and may not be the right fit for everyone. Our plan is to offer the GA as an extension of our current programming, and not a replacement of it. We will continue to provide season plans and opportunities that remain similar to what TFE has offered over the past 5 years.

When will we be provided with additional information?

Our club leadership will be attending an onboarding process for new GA clubs within the next month. We will do our best to share important information as it is finalized. We plan to have all information such as season plans, costs, travel information, coaching assignments, etc. ready to share in early June. This will allow our players/coaches to focus on their current National League, SCNSL, and State Cup seasons, while also making sure we provide the necessary information each family needs before registering for tryouts.