Tonka Fusion Elite Tryouts will be at Hopkins High School Turf on July 30th, 2022..


Tonka Fusion Elite is a soccer program designed for players who want to play and train in a highly competitive environment and have the desire to train regularly year round.

All soccer players who accept a roster spot on these teams must understand that they are not only making a commitment to their own development, they are making a commitment to their teammates and coaches as well. Soccer is a team sport and each players’ commitment level can either enhance or detract from the environment that ultimately impacts the development of all players on the team.

Please note that being a multi-sport athlete does not preclude you from participating on this team, as we know participating in other sports provides many benefits to our developing youth. However, it does mean that you are accepting a demanding extracurricular schedule that will require a tremendous commitment to your soccer development.

Prior to accepting a spot on a Tonka Fusion Elite roster, it is important that you review the season plan provided to ensure understanding of the commitment and expectations. For certain key events and periods of the year, you will need to be willing to prioritize soccer above other extracurricular activities, as the team will not be able to participate without the commitment of the full roster.

If you have questions and concerns, we ask that you reach out to your team coach listed to ensure all concerns are addressed prior to officially accepting your roster spot. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all players are placed on a team that best fits their ability, commitment, and aspirations.